Shimla sunsets are underrated.

Tourists often talk about the weather,long walks on the mall, the food, or even the ladies, but it’s incredible how only a handful of people know about our incredible sunsets.
They probably haven’t seen any.

Shimla Sunset #1: The Airport glistening in the sun

God was particularly kind to us Shimla-ites when he was bestowing his magical powers upon the hills. A Shimla sunset you spend with your friends or loved ones is truly unforgettable!

Shimla Sunset #2: Big sunset over Kunihar hills

Any random hill becomes a source of mystery and romance when the time is just right.

Shimla Sunset #3: Peekaboo!

Here’s a shot I took of the TV tower playing a game of Peekaboo using the fog as cover.

Shimla Sunset #4: TV tower after storm

Even though the entire area around TV tower typically looks magnificent and docile, it can turn into a brute force of nature. Here’s a shot I took during a severe storm that destroyed vegetation across many parts of the state that fall along the same belt as shimla.

Shimla Sunset #5: Whacky clouds over TaraDevi

There are no rules on how many vivid shapes the clouds in a shimla sunset can take, but they’re almost always blissfully beautiful!

Shimla Sunset #6: Tyndall Effect HDR

Sometimes the sunsets can get incredibly playful with the clouds and pose for us photographers! This is from Jaypee University near shimla.

Shimla Sunset #7: Panthaghati HDR

Here’s another HDR shot of Shimla’s Panthaghati Area.But not all our sunsets are passive aggressive, to some there is a tremendous feeling of calmness and purity. Okay maybe I’m cheating here a little bit, maybe this isn’t a sunset, but I’m sure the sun must’ve been setting somewhere in the world while I took this!

Shimla sunset, or shimla sunrise?

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