Sydney Street Art

The streets of Sydney mesmerise.  I believe that the true beauty of a city doesn’t lie in the infrastructure or the facilities, it lies in the way these elements are embraced by the people, and the way they integrate with it. The best way to witness the soul of a city, is to be lost in it.
One of my favourite activities in Sydney, is to just keep walking in any direction. I wasn’t disappointed. You get that comfortable awesome feeling that something spectacular awaits you, and that feeling always keeps getting better.
The food, the people, the joints, the street art are all inviting, exciting, and hard to miss. My random walks through the streets revealed what I now love about Sydney.

Street Artist Tom Ward performing in sydney.

“The art of flight” a fountain sculpture outside Lindt Cafe

“Forgotten Songs” an Epic place to visit with your kids!

Graffiti I found near Gelatissimo (George St.)

Lol-Skull by Will Coles

Sometimes, it helps to be lost! 🙂

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