Directed by Chirag Saraswati Documentaries

Brahmand / Our Universe (2020)

In this Hindi Documentary (series), Science is introduced as an exciting arena for exploring the universe. Watch the full version here

हम एक अद्भुत ब्रह्मांड में एक छोटे से पत्थर पर रहते हैं, और इसकी चर्चा ही नहीं करते? चलिए इस ब्रह्मांड में एक नए सफ़र पर चलते हैं। 

Secrets of Himachal (2018)

Himachal Pradesh is a state in North India famous for stunning views of the Himalayas, but what is lesser known about it, is the richness of its culture. Nicknamed “Devbhumi” or “Land of demigods”, Himachal is a booming spiritual destination. In Secrets of Himachal, we take the viewer through a journey across time, to ancient temples and rituals that keep the faith of locals alive. 

We start with a journey to the special temples in Himachal. The Rangnath temples for instance, submerged in the last century along with an entire city when a damn was constructed, emerging in winter months when water levels recede. The Bhimakali temple is surrounded by the high Himalayas, and is one of the few godess-oriented “Shaktipeeth” temples. 

A lot of sacred traditions that have faded away in the rest of India still exist here. Every village has a demigod, a spirit believed to look after the people who are born there. In Mandi city, idol figures of hundreds of demigods from all over the state are brought together in palanquins, giving pilgrims a rare chance to experience what its like to be surrounded by a kind of energy not seen anywhere else in the world.

Watch Secrets of Himachal here:

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