Master of Science- Media Technology (TU Ilmenau, Germany)


TU-Ilmenau is one of the world's leading institutes delivering scientific education in the field of Media Technology. Research Areas I actively participated in during my time at the University so far: Advanced Psychoacoustics, Signal Processing, Video Studio Production, Multimedia Standards, Audio Coding.

Conducted Primary and Secondary research for Media Project titled "Creation and implementation of multiple Time-lines in Film-making for different user groups"

Thesis: "Analysis, classification and evaluation of information and communication technologies in the context of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning"

Bachelor of Technology- Electronics and Communication Engineering (JUIT, India)


JUIT is located in Himachal Pradesh. I presented a thesis on “Reactive Lighting Systems” . In the 2-semester project, I created a hardware based lighting system that displayed an interactive light pattern that reacted to the various nuances of sound. I first performed extensive research on the various musical instruments and their frequency characteristics using audio analysis tools in DAW software, then designed an analogue system that took an audio signal at line level using a standard 3.5mm input jack and after amplification, split the sound into its characteristic frequency sections as perceived within the limits of human hearing. The system then worked an array of lights that lit up depending on the kind of input received, essentially discriminating between different musical instruments, in synchronisation with the BPM of the music being played.

MOOC: Introduction to Music Production


I studied microphones, mixing boards, DAWs, Audio effects, plugins, Synthesizers, and other essential music production tools. The course was taught fully online with the final score calculations based upon quizzes, weekly assignments that involved shooting video lectures on studied topics to be viewed and graded by five random students in the course from anywhere in the world, and a final exam. BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC ONLINE / COURSERA

Professional Positions

Test Engineer / P3 Systems GmbH (Germany)


Part of the Tuning Group at P3 Systems Boeblingen


Digital Media Director/Producer (Cluster One Media, India)


Created numerous short product films and CICFF finalist titled "Secrets of Himachal", a film documenting rare elements of Himalayan culture. Audio Visual Media

Research Associate / TU Ilmenau (Germany)

02/17 - 03/18

EU funded "SUITS" Project. The project aims to help cities cut congestion and pollution while improving their growth capacity and quality of life for urban dwellers and commuters. Performed Literature research on Mobility Management, and evaluated technologies for smart cities.


Production and Standardisation Developer / nanoanalytik (Germany)

05/16 - 09/16

Transcoded sequences obtained from atomic force microscopes into video formats suitable for editing and release, Liaised with engineers to produce product demonstration videos and promotional material.


Research Associate / TU Ilmenanu (Germany)

08/15 - 05/16

EU funded "SNM" project. Developed video format specifications and technical requirements for production and release. Travelled to, and interviewed cutting edge European scientists. Edited film material for project video and delivered voiceover. Obtained approval from stakeholders, rendered and released film.


Trainee / BSNL (India)


Assisted my supervisor in managing statewide GSM connectivity in Himachal Pradesh, and downtime diagnosis.


2009- Current

Worked in several different areas of expertise such as web design, graphic design, Automotive Journalism, and Video Production for clients all over the world.