Amsterdam is a place of tremendous beauty and one of the most visited¬†tourist locations in Europe. Here are five avenues you should explore¬†if you’re planning to visit!

5 awesome things to do in Amsterdam on a backpackers budget

1. Buy a multi-journey tram ticket

Tram services are amazing and frequent in the city of Amsterdam. If you buy a multi use tram ticket, you can simply hop in and hop out as per your convenience. This way, you can explore all you want without having to pay anything extra for your travels!
As per August 2015, the following tram tickets are available:

Duration Cost (in Euros)*
1 day/24 hours 7.5
2 days/48 hours 12.00
3 days/72 hours 16.50
4 days/96 hours 21.00
5 days/120 hours 26.00
6 days/144 hours 29.50
7 days/168 hours 32.00

*For more accurate prices, feel free to check the updated list

2.Climb the Towers of Amsterdam

The three towers of Amsterdam are Westertoren, Oudekerkstoren, and Zuiderkerkstoren. They all have guided tours and if you’re not really a history buff, you’ll still enjoy the panoramic views from the tops of these towers! There’s a tour every ¬†half an hour or so, but in a busy season you may need to book your tour a few hours in advance!
Price: Less than ‚ā¨10 each
Tower Amsterdam

3.Explore canals with Those dam boat guys

There are dozens of Boat operators situated in all of Amsterdam, but few are worth recommending as much as “Those Dam Boat guys”. The tour guides are funny, friendly, and know what they’re doing.
They will transform what would otherwise be a boring “standard” tour into a fun and friendly adventure with others who’re taking the tour. At 17 Euros/head for 1:45 hours, they’re one of the most economical tours as well.
Ask them to include “The beatles special” and “The shortest canal” in your tour!
Write to them at ahoy[at] or call@+31618855219

4.Take the obligatory “I AMSTERDAM” photos

Situated at the back of Rijksmuseum, The IAMSTERDAM sign has become a famous spot in the city for tourists. Best thing about it, is that entry into this location is free!
I amsterdam

5. Ride a bicycle

Do the most dutch thing ever, ride a bicycle. It’s one of the best ways to get around town!
Because of the multitude of agencies that rent out bicycles, it’s best to ask your hotel/ guides for recommendations!

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