As the train rocked back and forth, I woke up from my sluggish, lazy attempt at travel sleeping. As I opened my eyes, delightful scenes surrounded me. The lighting was perfect and as the light fell gracefully over the greens, it was soon joined by the slightest hint of a drizzle. If only I could be out there…
I decided there was no reason not to visit this place soon, and just the next day, going there is exactly what I did.
I started this journey from Ilmenau, boarding the train bound for Erfurt. In no time, I reached the beautiful pastures of Martin Roda. It’s something I’ve never done before… Just “deciding” to go to any place I find beautiful. I got into the appalling habit of sitting down and thinking about it, planning it, and then getting distracted by something.
Right after I got down, an important question quickly presented itself in the form of a junction on the road…”Which way do I go?” I was sick of doing the right things anyways, so I went left.

Mental note to self “What a brilliant road for biking!”. Wow. Back home, there’s a road just like this one, the back road that leads to Kandaghat through Junga. I remember a fast paced bike ride many years ago on an almost identical patch of road. Uncanny!

Unbelievable corners every few hundred meters.  I turned into more of a petrolhead since, and could only imagine how much fun this would be in a fast car with power to the back wheels.  I digress.

Ended up at the beautiful village of Angel Roda. The houses are mid sized, I noted. Most two or three floors tall. Beautiful pastures all around in spring season. Lots of tree trunks in peoples storage probably for winter. Having seen how brutally cold spring was, it’s hard for me to imagine how cold the inevitable winter is going to be.
Just passing a honda accord, to my surprise they are here called “Legend”.

Want to go straight… will take me to plaue but sign doesnt say how far. No signal and getting tired so taking a left for martinroda.Huge horse walked up to me.

People have raised livestock. Heavy rock playing in one of the houses. Surprisingly, in English!
Striking blue rails on a bridge, I just happened to notice it more on my way back.

The view from the bridge wasn’t disappointing either. Love the clarity of water in the streams here.
Asked a cyclist for the way just to be sure, he looked more lost than I was!
Want to go back to train station 2 kms away but decided to walk on the road going left instead, to photograph a bunch of trees about a kilometer.
Deciding to walk back to martin roda as trees seem to be private property  🙁
Wish I had a zoom lens at this point 😉

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