Fury is a heavy metal band from the United Kingdom that draws a lot of influence from the thrash metal scene of the 80’s. We checked out their EP Faith that would kill, and here’s what we think.
Faith that would kill
This song is just proper moshpit material. This will set your heart beating hard with riffs reminiscent of Metallica’s early angry, insane sound. The solos are really powerful and very “In your face”. The intense screams in the chorus only enhance the overall feeling of rage in the song. Powerful stuff, especially the solos.
Dawn of survival
What a fantastic work of art! Easily one of the most memorable intros after the turn of the millenium. Coming from an Indie band, it’s pretty amazing, the energy that comes off this song. Drumming that is Tight as hell, Riffs that feel like they’ve been resurrected from hell itself.

Fury, the band from UK
Fury, the band from UK

Eyes of the dead
Now this is one of the darker songs from their EP. The song starts with a powerful angry riff. You’ll find yourself headbanging even before the other instruments kick in, the rhythm is intense and rich in tonality, and over it, the vocals soar like scavengers flying over their dead prey. Some fantastic drumming all throughout adds more intensity and texture to the already aggressive sound. The riff is of epic proportions, just beautiful. The solo is pretty melodic too, and the quality of musicianship that is audible in this song is one of the reasons they are our absolute favorite indie metal band at the moment.
War machine
Now this is a song where they’re down with the whole war feel, with sirens firing up and everything. Reminiscent of Metallica’s One, they’ve taken sanity straight to the edge with their signature sound.
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