Ibanez TS7 TubeScreamer

The all New Ibanez TS7 TubeScreamer with Tone-Lok is the latest in a line of several effect pedals manufactured by Ibanez which feature Extensive features similar to the vintage pedals released by Ibanez in the yesteryears.
Ibanez is one of the leaders when it comes to quality products at reasonable prices for both amateur and professional musicians, and they have now taken it to the next level by introducing the Tone Lok Series.
The Ibanez TS7 TubeScreamer is a remarkable new pedal with amazing tone and a road tough chassis. Get a 9V Battery, plug it in, and you’re good to go. Just like the vintage TS808, there are no confusing options or settings,
Just three responsive Drive, Tone, and Control Knobs.
The drive Knob controls the warmth and grit in the tone. At 0, a fairly clean, yet warm sound is present, allowing you to arpeggiate chords through open strings without much heat in the tone. As the knob goes up, you’ll be able to sense the smoothness in tone that gave the original tubescreamers their shortcut to fame. Let it interact with an all tube amp’s distortion, and you have pure bliss of a tone, easily pushable to metal/death metal sound.
With everything at 12′ o clock, things sound controlled. Push drive to ten, and experience the most unbelievable sustain your guitar has ever given you!
The Tone knob controls The EQ on the stompbox. 0 gives you a bass rich sound, 10 takes it to the upper edge. Even at 10 though, the sound has a fatness to it. Push it high up if you intend to use Pinch harmonics
The Level knob controls Presence of the stompbox in your signal chain. Set it to zero, and your TS-7 Mutes all sound when activated with the footswitch. Push it up to increase the overall volume of the effect.
DSC03809D’oh. This controls whether the device is on or off.
This is where it gets even more exciting. The TS-7 actually has the same circuitry as the TS-9, but with the “HOT” mode, you get an even “HOTTER” signal boost, that pushes the envelope even further, and makes the sound completely stand out for some smooth tones for solos.
The Ibanez Tube screamer is a competitively priced stompbox, probably among the cheapest in the world, but in no way does it fall down in terms of quality. It can be used as an Individual pedal if you like to play blues/soft music with some gritty tone like that of Stevie Ray Vaughan and some early classic rock sounds, or it can be used to interact with your amplifier to give a full fledged dirty guitar sound. Better still, you can use the tube screamer in your signal chain to provide some additional boost that you can activate for pushing Solos so your lead guitar sound doesn’t get lost in the mix.

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