A massive party is On. Why wouldn’t it be? Afterall, when Metal legends metallica are celebrating their 30th anniversary, they won’t play nights you forget.
In between the “party gigs” metallica have introduced four previously unreleased singles that they had recorded partially during their death magnetic sessions. They revealed one track per show for their Fillmore shows in their hometown San Francisco
In an update, the band disclosed:   “If you were able to join us at any or all of the parties, thanks for coming out to hang with us. And whether or not you were there, you may have heard that we added some unreleased tracks from the ‘Death Magnetic’ sessions to the set list — one ‘new’ song each night as part of the shenanigans on stage.”

“Beyond Magnetic” is what it’s called, and The tracks are as follows:

  • Hate Train,
  • Just A Bullet Away,
  • Hell And Back
  • Rebel Of Babylon
These tracks were free for metallica fan club members, and are on iTunes for everyone else.
“We’re still not done yet” Hetfield reminds us.The updates come a month and a half after their delhi fuck up.

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