I am enraged. Fucking angry. Why, you ask? I travelled 400 kilometres to see my favorite band, only to be humiliated. The news channels are lying. Here’s what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
It was a metal concert where we were asked to sit down. first of all, although gates were opening at 3, we were forced by security to wait till 4 before we could even get in(for reasons undisclosed to us).

Metallica fans forced to sit down
Metallica fans forced to sit down

Once we were in, the race to be in the front row began. Understandable, it was a metal show. They kept forcing us to sit down, this one gentleman onstage went on to say ‘hey buttheads, take a step back’. Then started the riot. hordes of people pushing each other started falling into a big pile, above me,unfortunately. As my friends tried helplessly to drag me out, I was still craving not to be saved, but to get to hear one of hetfield’s riffs.
What we were hoping to be the best day of our lives, turned out to be the most shameful day for every single metal fan in the country.
I was able to get up somehow, and stood up enduring the ‘fuck you’ chants that continued for the rest of the evening. pretty soon the organisers asked us to back up a few steps so that the show would go on safely. What they apparently forgot to tell us was that metallica wasn’t gonna play. None of the promised four acts played, actually. The organisers calmly disassembled the onstage equipment still not letting us know ,metallica’s plan to ditch us. We were hoping ¬†James would make up for all the shit by atleast making an appearance but the members of metallica were nowhere to be seen.
barricades were broken.Bruises were formed. Yet, no sign of metallica. From 1 o clock in the afternoon to six in the evening, we kept standing like morons to catch a drift of what was actually going on. Even before entering, were forced to stay out for an hour for unstated reasons.Thousands of fans held outside the gates for undisclosed reason
This was not only a tremendous act of mismanagement by the organisers, it was betrayal. They lied to us. Secured their pricey equipment, and ran the hell away. Twenty minutes later, those thousands of people still gathered with nowhere left to go as the gates were closed. Ten thousand people easy, probably even twelve or thirteen. What happened next was not the very least unexpected. Banners were pulled down, frames were broken, the place was torn apart.
As a fan, my belief in the genre stands a bit shaken to be honest with you.
Tired metallica fans several hours after the proposed ETA

How we were treated is definitely not how genuine organizers treat the people they’re supposed to entertain. Many in the crowd were BEGGING for a single sip of water, the only people helping, were other members from the audience. What was particularly¬†embarrassing was watching¬†¬†foreigners who had come a long way to see metallica observe the stupidity of the security that was put in place by the organizers.
What baffles me is that the people handling the stage were shocked when they had bottles, shoes, lighters, thrown at them.
They first piss off upwards of ten thousand people without reason, then let them in and don’t start the show still without citing any reason, then they give bullshit reasons, and then they slowly and casually take their shit home while hundreds are on the verge of being stampede victims.Call me¬†Naive,But ¬†I see debris falling on them under this scenario in ANY country.
Towards the end of the “show” agitated fans (and lets face it, some freeloaders too) climbed the stage and wrecked havoc on the structures and damaged property. News channels say that damages to metallica’s equipment amounted to ¬†US $2,000,000. Most probably: LIES. From what we could see during the entire process, metallica’s equipment had cunningly already been taken off the stage much before the actual news was broken to us. They made it look like Metallica would be showing up anytime now, they even had the stage lights going. The two huge screens on either side of the ¬†stage area kept saying the audience was supposed to move backwards for the organizers to be able to initiate the show. If they hadn’t lied to the crowd, I see no reason why people would get agitated enough to destroy things. To put this statement into perspective, Bryan Adams had his show cancelled too, haven’t heard of any riot for that gig yet.
We’re not saying it was justified to wreck the stage and damage property, we’re just saying almost every press statement on major news channels has the cause and effect all wrong.

here’s the impromptu press conference after the gig:

Yet, metallica’s the reason i’m a musician, and ironically, the only music that can help me unwind from this frustration has been written by the same band that caused it. Sad, but true.

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