The Zoom G1 is an entry level Guitar effects processor that truly belies its price segment. There are other options in the market, but the Zoom beats them down to the ground with some great sounding amps, fascinating modulations and powerful reverbs and delays. Not only is it likely the cheapest multi effects unit out there, it is capable of some pretty serious damage onstage, if used properly.

With 21 Amp models and stompboxes, it can deliver quite an intense tone at just 3800 INR ($80-85).  It has three standard ports, one each for Guitar Input,  stereo (single cable output, mono works too, obviously!) and one port dedicated to the expression pedal.
What fascinates me most of all about the G1, though, is the quality of the reverbs. Used lightly and with a clean amp, it adds some sweet feel to the guitar,  perfect for classic ballads and acoustic solos. With a dirty amp too, the sound is beyond bearable but you’ll have to find the soft spot.
The delays on the unit are truly class apart, with mind blowing clarity and faithful reproduction. Ping pong delays are the best, though. Add some reverb and some phasor modulation, and you have the perfect sound to base some Surf or psychedelic tones on. I advise you to experiment with these combinations and you will definitely find some use for it somewhere down the line.
NOISE REDUCTION is pretty amazing too, and usually doesn’t destroy the tone even when pushed to max. You can use either stack simulations with the zoom noise reduction(ZNR) or you can use it as a standalone function.
What makes the G1 Ideal for practice, is the accompanying integrated drum machine with various time signatures, tempos and a variable tap tempo. Sadly there is a downside to the drum machine. Upon engaging it, the unit disables reverbs for some reason which you will have to compensate for, using light delays.
The TUNER is pretty accurate, and the unit, if for nothing else, deserves space in your pedalboard atleast as a tuner.Why would you do that, though, when it kicks so much ass with it’s reverbs and delays?
>You can’t engage reverbs when the drum machine is activated
>Certain distortions sounds extremely screechy, not suitable for metal unless you spend hours figuring the sweetspot
>Only a single stereo jack output instead of two channel L/R output
>Wah-wah’s are not that great (the Auto wah’s + Manual wah’s using expression pedal)
>Expression pedal is a bit hard to find, not as easily available as the unit itself.
>Superb Tones.
>Fantastic Modulations like Slow Attack (Volume swells), Phasors and Flangers
>Very nice delay sounds (you could easily achieve Bullet for my valentine’s “tears don’t fall” without a glitch)
>Real sounding reverbs
>Accurate tap tempos on effects
>Seperate engaging of reverbs and Delays (Most digitech units lack this)


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