If you’re indian, you know what i’m talking about!
If you’re not, well then don’t let the name deceive you!

Ever heard of Gibson, my dears?

Givsons are bengali guitars made with a vareity of indian woods.
Although they sport a wide variety of models that come in shapes ranging from the popular strat shape to les paul style imitations, they rarely sound bearable.

Don’t get me wrong though, nine times out of ten, indian guitar players have been brought up with a givson guitar!
Infact, that’s what’s great about these guitars, they season you in a way that encourages you to be able to play with all sorts of guitars just as flexibly. Afterall, life doesn’t always throw fender and bc rich guitars at you.
Tonewise, these guitarsĀ  possess the capability to shock you. Usually, the pickups are relatively low output and a bit noisy making distorted sounds screechy and difficult to work with, but clean tones come out fairly mellow and noise is not very noticeable until at high volumes, where uncontrollable feedback makes it difficult to play anyways.
Also, you can’t expect to perform volume swells because as you vary the volume pot, chances are, noise will kick in.

The necks are usually tough and don’t bend or get damaged easily, but it’s not uncommon to have a few bad frets down the neck
Overall, these guitars may not be stage ready or worth taking into the studio for serious musicianship, but they make for fantastic,rough and tough practice gear that won’t burn holes in your pocket for purchase and maintainance.

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