Blackfield is a progressive rock act based out of England/Israel. Ā It has Porcupine tree’s Steven Wilson and Israeli rocker Aviv Greffen on vocals and guitars.

The dark melodies and Wilson’s overwhelming structuring skills are bound to leave an impression on your mind, and while the gloomy chord progressions sound very ‘pop music’ at times, the group hasn’t gone far from the progressive roots of Wilson. While the songs have a characteristic feel thatĀ separatesĀ their music from porcupine tree, a lot of the song structuring is reminiscent of tree’s work.

Lyrically, most of Blackfield’s music speaks of Ā depressing scenarios conveyed with subtle melodies but sometimes the groove kicks in with epic proportions, as is the case with “Open Mind”:
They have released two albums “Blackfield I” and “Blackfield II” and have put out a DVD in 2007 “Live in New York”, and have garnered a decent fanbase globally, and cult status as a “dark” band- atleast in India!
Here’s the lineup:

Steven Wilson
Aviv Geffen
Seffy Efrati
Tomer Z
Eran Mitelman
Find them on myspace:

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