Put in a single sentence, Marshall doesn’t know how to disappoint.
The MG15CD is a splendid solid state amp for practice and miking. Whether you want to use this amp with a pedalboard, your favorite effect processors,  or straight in, this little beast will serve you right up. It has the ability to sound pretty tame with the clean channel  under moderate settings and unleash some serious firepower with the onboard OD switch. Keep the gain down low, and you have a pretty amazing tone for blues riffs,chordal work, chicken picking or arpeggiating with open strings, but as soon as you crank up the knotch, it starts to light up the room.

This amp also features an external input for practicing with your mp3 player or any other device, and the same can be used as an optional emulated line out with surprising retention of the original tone as heard from the speaker.
This amp is suited for a wide range of sounds ranging from the quietest of blues to the raging genres of hard rock and metal. Although it is nowhere near the intense majesty of the more expensive boutique style tube amplifiers, It gives a pretty loud bang for the buck, and can definitely wake the neighbors.
I use this amp with an Ibanez Tube Screamer, a Boss Me-25 and a zoom processor for delays and reverb, and it brings out the sound pretty well.
Unfortunately, however exciting this amp is to play around with, it also falls back when it comes to noise. The sound remains fairly consistent in the clean channel but as soon as hit that OD switch, a little bit of noise creeps in at low gain and volume. As you raise any one of these, the signal:noise Ratio starts falling down. Although a little noise is normal when working with hi gains, at top values the level of noise is pretty significant, unless you’re lucky enough to have a clean power source (Noise free electric supply) and really good cables and pickups on your guitar.
Final verdict? This is a pretty amazing amp until you intend to use high gains synonymous with heavy/death metal, in which case it sounds decent when used with external effects loops before the signal reaches the input terminal.

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