No Turbo No Love is a five peace metal band from UK. Taking their influences from Bands like , Iron Maiden, Saxon, Metallica, Pantera, Judas Priest they can surely mix up the soup and make the songs as their own.

They are a classic metal band with a sound of their own. The vintage vocal style of Lloyd Mcguigan needs just a listen and the magic is done.Influenced by Dio ,Lloyd is a singer-cum-screamer who really knows when and how to  take his voice to the next level.
The guitar sound is insane with a crunchy high gain metal punk tone to it. The song “Taken by Mountains” and “Disaster strike” can demonstrate the fact very well. Adam Tucker is on lead guitar and he surely knows how to blend in the feel and the energy into their songs. Chris “B” Brooker is on rhythm guitars. He is a follower of Mustaine, Adrian Smith etc., so you can bet he is awesome in doing what he does .
The drum throne is taken by  Andy Golding with his amazing  style with influences from  big guns like Nick menza and Vinny Appice. On Bass guitar they have Christy Cooper and as soon as you start any number by these guys you can catch a funky bass line with tone reminiscent of bass gods like Flea(RHCP) and John Entwistle(The Who)!!!!!

The songs give a feel of the vintage metal bands like Dio and Iron Maiden with some High voltage voice quality and brutal music arrangement.Currently these guys are hoping to be signed by Roadrunner records.
So do vote for these guys here and give them a bigger bang..
You can buy/listen their music at:Reverbnation
And to know more about them do visit:My space/you tube / Facebook

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