The boss Me 25 is a complete power house!
Boss ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor - New Launch
Almost everything you can imagine in a Multi effects processor is in there!

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do with an ME-25 is check out a boss special called “freeze”. What this never-before-seen feature does is, that when you hit a chord and push the expression pedal down, It holds the sound of the chord and makes it sound like a synth was playing somewhere in the background. The best thing is, freeze does not reproduce a bunch of dead notes, it makes the chord sound beautiful and alive.
  2. The second coolest feature in the all new ME-25 unit is, 38 seconds of Phrase looping! Press and hold the Solo footswitch for 2 seconds, and then the next time you hit it, it starts recording whatever you play. Be it a chord progression, or a bassline recorded with the octave feature/-1 octave from the expression pedal, it starts playing on another push of the button. Moreover, you can even overdub infinitely!  That means, You can record a bassline, Rhythm guitars, lead, harmony, WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE!
  3. “Tone” has always been the guitar players’ holy grail, and boss doesn’t disappoint!  With just a little bit of tweaking you can get the tone you desire thanks to the all new “Tone Library” Not only this, Boss also starts you off with 60 of their own Sample tones which you can use to get a feel for the device. That includes some pretty decent patches for riffs, Clean segments, and some very exotic and smooth lead sounds.
  4. “Super Stack” is another cool thing about the ME 25. Whatever you’re hearing, pressing the super stack button is here to make it Better! Super stack adds another dimension to the sound by giving it more color and depth, making the tone sound like it is coming from a large stack amplifier.
  5. Seamless USB connectivity! – I’ve saved the best for last!  The ME-25 also acts as a complete Sound interface between your computer and your guitar! That means, you plug an amp/ headphones to your ME-25 unit and connect it to a computer with a standard USB cable(used with most inkjet printers as well, VERY easy to find) and you can practice along jam tracks, or even get a decent home recording job done with any DAW software you can find!

All in all, this little mean machine is very heavily recommended, because you can damn sure not find this level of features in any device in this segment! Also, be sure to get the boss original PSA series adapter, because for the amount of features the multi effects unit offers you, it will also chew up a considerable amount of battery!
Here are the specifications, from boss’s website:
The affordable new ME-25 is packed with powerful BOSS features to make you sound like a pro, yet it’s as fun and easy to use as a stompbox. The built-in SOUND LIBRARY gives you instant access to dozens of classic and modern effects. Simply choose a category, select a variation, and play. Customize your sound with simple twists of the Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs. With COSM amp models onboard, plus Super Stack and Phrase Loop, the ME-25 is a dream processor for upstart guitarists who want great sound and ease of use.

  • Powerful COSM® amp models onboard, from classic to contemporary
  • Super simple user-friendly interface
  • SOUND LIBRARY provides extensive collection of ready-to-use tones; simply choose a category and select a variation
  • Sounds can be instantly edited with the Drive, Tone, and Level knobs and Expression pedal
  • SUPER STACK adds immensely heavy low-end and punch
  • Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording time
  • Functions as a USB audio interface
  • Built-in AUX input for jamming along with external music devices (MP3/CD players, etc.)
  • Runs on six AA batteries or AC adaptor
  • Includes Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE software and dozens of audio loops, rhythms and songs for jamming or practicing

It comes in highly recommended, What are you waiting for?
Get the Me 25

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