Now If you are a beginner that is keen on learning guitar and if you think you got the patience and passion for learning it..
Than this is a brief guide on what to buy and what not to..

Now stop staring at the beauty above..You can’t have it.Even if you got the money I don’t think you are eligible to hold this mean machine in your hands..ha ha.
This is a Gibson Les Paul Standard and its price is around 3500$..
Now you definitely don’t need this guitar to start your music career.I just posted the pic cause I like it too damn much.
Now here is the list of basic things that you need
1.A guitar:-Now this is obvious,but still you cant be bitching about your guitar skills and stuff if you don’t even own one.
For starters Fender Squier series,as they are probably the best ones.they are not much expensive and also have the sound,the brand name and the service attached.
A telecaster and a Strat are two basic models..
Now if you are a Les paul fan.You can easily get a copy of a les paul in ESP,Greg Bennot or something.But if you want an official one and a cheap one than.Epiphone,a company owned by gibson makes them and they are the better than the copies or chinese Les pauls.
epiphone custome..
Now there are also other guitar companies available in the market like Cort,Ibanez,etc.etc.etc.But at the end it’s all going to depend on you.Just hold every guiatr for few seconds and than buy the one that feels good.:-)
2.The Case:-Most of the people neglect this but A guitar case is quite important thing that you must own for the protection and care of your guitar.So buy a descent guitar case while buying guitar.Maybe you can get a better deal when you buy the both;-)
3.The strap:-You are gonna get this for free but still don’t forget to get one while buying a guitar.These are some little things that really count.
4.The amp:-Now there are a lot of practice amps out there.But always go for the brand that you have herd of like Marshall,vox maybe laney.etc.Don’t buy something if you have not herd about it.Even if the imported amps are a bit expensive,go for them only.The amp plays a vital role for tone and your required sound so think and test long before buying one.

Vox Pathfinder 10

5.The Cables:-I don’t care if I m sounding stupid but you are gonna thank me for this.Using some screwed up cables can make you to quite playing guitar cause it is the most frustrating thing in the world.So buy some good quality cables with solid heads like fender or rocktron.there are lot of brands in the market so do spend some money on it.
fender cable
6.The pedal/processor:-Most of the practice amps now days have built in gain.Some have bass,treble and other options too.But still if you are not getting the sound you want you can get yourself a multi processor or some pedals.
Now for beginning you only need a distortion pedal or a blues overdrive,rest things are just complementary to alter the sound in bits.So for this Analog Distortion pedals are a good choice like The Boss DS-1 and Digitech Grunge.etc.Or you can buy a cheap multi effect pedal like the zoom G1.
But i would recommend Analog pedals cause they have got a better tone,sound,quality than the multi effects.

Now about other stuff…I will keep you guys updated but I guess thats all you need to start learinng…
Keep on rocking

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